Oil rich is the best way to describe our operations in California, which are concentrated in several large, complex crude oil fields within the Los Angeles Basin and San Joaquin Basin. Our five largest fields include Santa Fe Springs, Belridge, East Coyote, Sawtelle and Rosecrans. Breitburn began in California and has been operating in the state since the founding of its predecessor company over 28 years ago. Today, Breitburn has interests in 567 productive wells and operates 100% of those wells.

Recent History in California

  • In November 2012, Breitburn acquired principally oil properties located in the Belridge Field in the San Joaquin Basin in Kern County, California from American Energy Operations, Inc. (AEO)

2016 Results

  • Estimated proved reserves of 15.5 MMBoe represented approximately 7% of Breitburn's total estimated proved reserves
  • Average daily production was approximately 4.1 MBoe/d
  • Commodity mix: 97% oil, 3% natural gas
  • Year-end reserve mix: 96% PDP, 4% PUD


California map